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10 plants that attract positive energies into your home ⋆

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Plants have always been used in the interior decoration of homes, offices or businesses because they give a fresh and natural look to these places, but also because they improve the flow of positive energies while chasing away the negative energies.

Experts in this field claim that some plants, more than others, have the ability to promote energies and give us a feeling of well-being every day. For this, they must be alive, that is, they must be placed in a flowerpot and we must take care of them. With that said, we are going to reveal to you the 10 best plants to have positive energies.

The cactus

Cacti are very beautiful and provide a very special decorative touch, whether in the office or at home.  It is a plant that requires special care for its maintenance, which has the ability to ward off jealousy, intruders, malicious people, hypocrites and which absorbs bad electromagnetic energies from household appliances.

Hierbabuena (spearmint or mentha spicata)


In addition to being a plant that has many health benefits, hierbabuena (or mentha spicata) is also used to protect against evil spells and the envy of other people. The mentha spicata is a plant of well-being and, according to popular belief, whoever has a plant at home attracts economic prosperity.


Bamboo is trendy to decorate interiors because it gives a very sophisticated look to our living room and helps to attract good energies. Bamboo is related to fulfillment and water, it brings us purity, transparency and life. Having this plant at home brings us a feeling of well-being, tranquility, and wards off envy. 



Jasmine is recognized as the couple’s plant, as it benefits relationships in their spirituality. It is recommended to have this plant in the bedroom and/or in the spaces most shared by the couple, as it attracts good energies to strengthen the relationship and romance.


Rosemary is a plant that has many medicinal properties that have been used since ancient times in different cultures. On a spiritual level, this plant is known to attract sincere love and happiness . In addition to having a fresh rosemary plant in your home, it is advisable to add a few reams in small fabric bags and distribute them in the different rooms of your home to attract loyalty.



Mint is a plant that has many medicinal properties that are very easily within our reach. Having this plant at home is not only good news for your health, but also for your spirit as it attracts positive vibes to any room it is in. Mint is said to fight bad vibes and help with insomnia. It also helps to improve communication within the home.


Thyme is a plant which, since Antiquity, has been used to eliminate bad vibrations from living spaces. This plant is considered purifying because it fights bad energies, prevents nightmares and strengthens self-esteem. Having it at home gives you protection for the entire home and those who live there.


Chrysanthemums are known for their beauty and for bringing a sense of well-being into the home. This plant attracts happiness and good humor, so it is recommended to place it in places where there can be a lot of tension, or debate. Chrysanthemums are linked to relaxation.



This plant has the ability to fight and ward off bad vibrations, which are brought into the house by the arrival of envious or ill-intentioned people. It is recommended to place it in shops or offices, because it is a plant that attracts prosperity. It is ideal for improving sleep and freeing spaces from heavy energies.


It is a plant used in rituals against bad luck and envy, and it is said to be one of the most effective in combating bad vibrations. She is known for attracting prosperity and good energies wherever she is. According to a popular belief, if aloe grows, it is that it attracts good fortune. If it fades, it has absorbed bad energies and protected the house.

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