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HONOR 70: the smartphone that claims the technological and aesthetic revolution of the seventies

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It is no coincidence that the vast majority of songs from the seventies talk about dance and youth. From Donna Summer’s opposition to going to sleep to the Bee Gees’ feverish nights, all of these ground-breaking tracks evoke the spirit of a decade when absolutely anything seemed possible. “The future is better understood with the ear and felt with the body”, commented the artist Giorgio Moroder, about those dances under disco lights and those uninhibited movements that, together with bright clothes, claimed the right to free oneself and have fun . Because in the seventies, the idea of ​​the future, for once, seemed possible for everyone.

It is also no coincidence that HONOR 70, the new model of the smartphone brand, invokes in depth and forms the optimistic and hopeful spirit of that decade, more necessary than ever. Extremely thin and minimalist, with slightly rounded corners, the three colors in which it is available capture that unmistakable and vibrant aesthetic that endures in the collective imagination: black, emerald green and a frosted glass finish, in a nod to those sparkling balls of mirror. But beyond its spectacular appearance, it is also a high-performance mobile, with a 4,800 mAh6 battery and a really fast charge (charges 60% in just 20 minutes), capable of keeping up with the most demanding nights. frantic and record everything in detail.

After all, HONOR 70 is the culmination of the technological revolution that also started in that decade. Houses began to be equipped with color televisions, forever changing the distribution of furniture and the way of seeing the world; The first digital watches appeared and pocket format calculators seemed to us to be the invention of the century. Also the first prototypes of computers and mobiles date from that time. Some forceful designs, with covers and long antennas to capture the signal that, although today they seem to us the props of some retro-futuristic movie, hinted at the possibility of imagining other worlds and materializing them thanks to technology.

Because HONOR 70 is not a simple smartphone, it is many things and, in turn, the tool for us to be as well. Its triple camera system would have conquered Bill Bernstein himself, the best witness of New York nightlife, the reason why we continue to dream of Studio 54. Everything that could have been narrated with a 2-meter depth camera, a Sony sensor 54-megapixel IMX800 and a 50-megapixel ultra-wide lens with which not a single detail escapes us. In the era of selfie and immediate content, the front is also equipped with the 32 megapixel Super Selfie camera and Dual Beauty Effect.

As what is not told does not exist, HONOR 70 is equipped with editing tools such as Solo Cut, which allows us to edit and create audiovisual pieces to leave our testimony for posterity. Or to relive it whenever we want, thanks to its 6.67-inch screen with a resolution of 1.07 billion colors and 4096 brightness levels, which immerses us in an authentic audiovisual experience.

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