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Sophisticated, boho, tomboy, fatal: find your style

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And do you know what kind of style you have? Traditional classic, sophisticated classic, gamine, boho chic, tomboy, fatal and fashion victim … There is something for every taste and wardrobe! Find out which one reflects you best and have fun making it more and more “wow”

Knowing what your style is is not at all easy, on the contrary: you don’t always belong to a specific style, in fact you often end up mixing elements of different styles and not finding your own stylistic identity. Do you want to discover yours? Just carefully analyze the 7 main fashion styles that exist, on the catwalk as well as in street style, identify what you feel most yours and make it the best friend forever you will never betray! 

Traditional classic

The traditional classic style is the most conservative and sober of all fashion styles. Women in politics usually adopt it precisely because it is extremely classic and clean. The basic items of this style? Classic cut jacket slightly fitted at the waist, trousers cigarette, white or blue shirt, skirt and sheath dress, all in neutral colors.

If this is your style, know that you transmit rigor, practicality and sobriety.The pros of the traditional classic are simplicity and the good image, the negative point is instead the risk of slipping into banality: to avoid it, choose garments with fabrics of excellent quality, add some intense touch colors in addition to neutrals and complete the look with some nice accessories, of course! 

Sophisticated classic

The sophisticated classic style compared to the traditional classic is a little more refined in terms of cut of the garments, with an eye always turned to the trends of the moment.It is a more feminine style than the traditional that is more rigorous and serious.

The basic garments of this style are the jacket with a particular cut (blazer or shawl), palazzo trousers or cropped or slim, shirts and under jackets in crepe, silk, georgette or chiffon, with pleated details, bows, high cuffs with precious buttons, pencil or bell midi skirts, deconstructed dresses and designer statement accessories.

It is a way of dressing that focuses on the quality of fabrics and design, in a nutshell that sophisticated “Made in Italy” that the whole world recognizes and loves, so if you belong to this style you are very cool. 


The word “gamine” in French means little girl and the gamine style is that of the iconic Audrey Hepburn.

An exquisitely vintage style that refers to the past, to the 40s and 50s. The basic makeup is to mix masculine but feminized elements, creating very, very refined and romantic tomboy outfits.

The basic garments of this style are the marine top, the trousers and the slim short jeans at the ankle, the trench coat, the ballet flats, the beret, the dress with the marked waist and a bell or trapeze skirt, the skirt pencil and t-shirt.

This style communicates lightness, simplicity and a touch of romance.It can be classified as casual-chic among the fashion styles, but just make it more structured by introducing a jacket over the t-shirt or striped top, completing it all with a masculine shoe lace-up or a leather moccasin, et voilà: you will be gamine in an irresistible way!


The definition “boho” is the abbreviation for bohémien. Bohémiens were the artists of the late 19th century who wanted to depart from the traditional lifestyle of the time, even in clothing.

Today the language of this style speaks with vintage optical or floral prints in warm or pastel colors, fringes here and there, long skirts, tunics, eco-fur, chiffon shirts with abundant sleeves, floral jumpsuits.

Lots of bangles, the wide-brimmed hat, the soft boots in cognac-colored leather or suede, the palazzo or flared jeans… In short, the outfits of the Coachella Music Festival held every year in California!

If you belong to this style you are surely a creative and a little naïve woman , you feel free to express yourself without conditioning or fear. Remember that this style is not easily adaptable to the office or to very formal situations.


The TomBoy style is purely masculine applied to women.Do you know the legendary Marlene Dietrich in black tuxedo? 

The basic items of this style are the blazer (single or double breasted), the classic trousers in cigarette, cropped or palazzo version, the t-shirt and the shirt exclusively in white, the oxfords and moccasins, the socks in refined patterns, the braces, the fedora hat (preferably the original Borsalino), the chevalier ring worn on the little finger and the important watch.

In its more casual version, it includes jeans with a leather jacket and urban sneakers or brogues, or a Bermuda shorts with a jacket.

Do you see yourself in this style? Then it means that you are an unconventional woman , determined , sensual and even a little mysterious

If you want to soften the tomboy style a little and make it more feminine, wear basic garments with high décolleté, focus on feminine details of the under jacket (pleats, precious buttons) and take care of the make-up very well.


The fatal style is pure sensuality and femininity, whose undisputed icon is Marilyn Monroe .

Probably among all the fashion styles it is the most loved style by many, many men, but women are no less! The fatal style is to feel ‘woman’ with a capital d, flaunting it with pride.

The basic garments of this style are the high-waisted and body-hugging pencil skirt, the low-cut tops tucked into the skirt with the belt, the tight-fitting chemisier at the waist and the 50s dress with deep V-neck and bell skirt.

Even the high-waisted trousers that caress the curves, the very low-cut décolleté or the open toe cannot be missing, combined with lipstick and nail polish with intense colors, fiery red in the first place.

If your style is fatal you are an extrovert woman , very confident and gritty , while retaining a delicate grace . the snug 50s-style dress and stilettos, if you have to go to the office choose the shirt dress with a kitten heel. Just dose and that’s it, your fatal style will remain intact and you will never go wrong.

Fashion Addicted

It is not easy to be a true fashion addicted because sometimes it is really a job and not a simple style among the styles of fashion: it requires constant updating and a high budget to always grab the latest model … of anything!

The fashion addicted style  is the one that is perfectly embodied in the Carrie of Sex and the city : outfits that make you think “but how did he ever make them?”.

There are no basic items of this style, there is nothing basic, classic, banal or predictable, rather they are unexpected, original, out of the lines and sometimes even a bit risky to make up the wardrobes of fashionistas.

What matters most is how they are mixed: the true expert is a master of mix and match .

If you have a fashion style of this type you communicate creativity , extroversion , love for research and design.The limit of this style can be exaggeration and ostentation so try to dose the trendy pieces with simpler and cleaner pieces . 

Now that you know which style you belong to, have fun improving it more and more to make it unique and yours alone!

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