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Does the battery of your iPhone last little? Don’t worry, with these tricks you can scratch it for a few hours

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Year after year, with each new iPhone, we have powerful processors, better screens, better sound, better design?… And an endless number of new features —both at the hardware and software level— that make our lives simpler.

This is all very well, yes… But we still have a problem that we have been dragging on for many years : the battery.

What good is so much technology and so many additions to us if we have to go with the charger under our arms ? We totally depend on the charger of our smartphone. With these little tricks you can “forget” it more often at home.

Disabling system features that use location

The easiest and fastest would be, basically, to capture all the benefits that iOS offers us to save the maximum battery . The fact is that we do not invest hundreds or even thousands of euros to have our iPhone working at 30% of its possibilities. With a few little tricks, you will save battery while maintaining the functionalities of your iPhone .


By default, Apple leaves too many system features that use location enabled , which I think is totally unnecessary. Of course, it depends on the use that each one gives to the device. We are going to disable those functions that you can find in Settings – Privacy – Location – System services .

  • Apple ads by location: It is used to show you advertising based on your location , from my experience it consumes a lot if you are a person who moves a lot.
  • Location-Based Alerts: Used to provide you with geographically relevant alerts , such as a reminder to call someone when you arrive at a certain location, the time you need to leave for your next appointment, or an app recommendation, based on where you are currently. Depending on the work of each one, this function can be of great or no use.
  • Find my iPhone: Essential function to be able to locate your iPhone in case of loss or theft, as well as to be able to block or erase it remotely. Function that should always be activated .
  • Compass calibration: Its name indicates it, it is used to see true north on a map , since magnetic and geographic north are different. Something not used by the user on foot, can be disabled.
  • Displacement calibration: It is used to quantify the sports activity section , count steps, race distances, etc. If you have an Apple Watch — especially second generation — it is not necessary to have it activated. Also, you can take a look at How to calibrate your Apple Watch.
  • Share location – Use to share location with others in Messages and Find Friends. There are many everyday applications that allow you to do this, having it activated does not consume while you do not use it.
  • Wi-Fi network connection: Send information to Apple about our Wi-Fi connections … I’m not sure why, but it’s better disabled.
  • SOS Emergency: In this case, essential if you have activated the function of calling an SOS number and that they can locate where you are. It is recommended to leave it active.
  • Homekit: Useful if you have compatible devices at home so that you can perform different functions when you are close to home. Such as turning on the lights or starting an electronic device. If it is not the case, deactivate it.
  • Location-Based Suggestions: Used in Safari or Spotlight searches, precise location is sent to Apple to show you suggestions. It is recommended to disable it and make more precise searches.
  • Time zone: If you travel a lot through areas where there are changes in time zone, with this function the time will be adjusted automatically . If this is not the case, better deactivate it.
  • Important places: Here all the information of all the places where you go is saved , it is, to put it in some way, a tracking of everything you do. It is also used to find out where you have parked the car, but it is better that it be deactivated than the parking function we already have in applications.
  • iPhone Analysis: If you share this data with Apple, it will be used to send the information they deem appropriate. Better disable it.
  • Routing and Traffic: Used by Apple to display the density of traffic we see in Maps. It is advisable to deactivate it if you use the car a lot, since you will be part of “the density” during all the journeys.
  • Popular Nearby: Use it to tell Apple where you downloaded an app so it can be recommended to others. Another function to disable.

Other tricks to improve battery life

  • Automatic brightness: There is some discrepancy here as Apple recommends turning it on . I have tried manual and automatic, the result is that if you do not change the light environments too constantly, it is better to have it automatic. There is nothing better here than to try it yourself and leave it to your needs.
  • Reduce notifications: On many occasions we leave all application notifications activated by default, and a large number of these applications hardly use them. Leave activated only the notifications that you really think are useful from applications that you use regularly.

And if with all this you can’t save battery… Pull airplane mode as much as you can! It is the only option that guarantees you enormous battery savings. Where is the time of my Nokia 3310 that you forgot what it is to charge a mobile.

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