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The three best skyscrapers in the world

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In these times when spirits are often low and expectations rise and fall in response to statistical contagion curves and health information, it can be comforting to direct our gaze and attention towards the works of civilization that aim to the highest and symbolize the human ability to progress and overcome any obstacle. 

The skyscrapers chosen as the best in the world and awarded the Emporis Skyscraper Award 2019 international prize, announced in November 2020, invite us to look to the top, as maximum exponents of both the most advanced architectural design and construction technology, as well as the spirit of overcoming and progress of humanity.

The award-winning buildings this year are the Lakhta Center, Leeza SOHO and 35 Hudson Yards

This award, one of the most renowned for high-rise architecture, has been awarded for 20 years by an international jury to those skyscrapers that stand out for their design and functionality, and is sponsored by the firm Emporis, a provider of databases for buildings and construction projects, based in Hamburg, Germany.

The three award-winning buildings this year, selected from more than 700 skyscrapers completed in 2019 and with a minimum height of 100 meters are: the Lakhta Center (Russia), the Leeza SOHO (China), 35 Hudson Yards (USA), who occupied first, second and third place in the contest, respectively, according to Emporis.

‘Burning flame’ of more than 450 meters

The 462-meter-high, 87-storey Lakhta Center Tower, located in Saint Petersburg and designed by GORPROJECT and RMJM, is not only the tallest building in Russia, but also the tallest building in Europe and the 14th tallest in the world , point out from Emporis.

It has an unusual and impressive shape: its outer structure consists of five wings that rotate almost 90 degrees, creating a dynamic impression and giving the building the shape of a burning flame, resembling the logo of the Gazprom company, the producer of natural gas. that has installed its new headquarters in this building.

The Lakhta Center stands out for its use of green and energy-efficient technologies 

This skyscraper, which is exposed to extreme temperatures, is also notable for its use of ecological and energy-efficient technologies.

A double-skin façade, that is, composed of two layers that reinforce the insulation, prevents unnecessary heat loss and makes the building extraordinarily efficient from an energy point of view.

In addition, in the Lakhta Center excess heat is not lost, but returned to the system, due to the fact that it incorporates innovative infrared radiator technology.

The elegant tower divided into two halves

The Leeza SOHO in Beijing is 207 meters high.

The Leeza SOHO skyscraper in Beijing (capital of China), is a 207-meter-tall, 46-storey office building, unique with its round shape and twisted inner core. It was one of star architect Zaha Hadid’s last projects before she passed away in 2016.

Especially striking is the atrium (a large area that precedes the entrance) of the tower, which runs through the entire building from top to bottom and elegantly divides it into two halves. With a height of 194 meters, it is also the tallest atrium in the world, according to the Emporis database.

Leeza SOHO is one of Zaha Hadid’s last projects before her death in 2016

In addition, the continuous glazing of this atrium, which is publicly accessible, ensures that the building is flooded with light and allows for an exceptional view of the building as well as the busy streets of Beijing, the company notes.

Below Leeza SOHO there is a subway station, for that reason the building had to be divided into two parts. However, the two areas are surrounded by a “curtain wall” or “curtain wall”, a self-supporting, independent and lighter façade, which is built in front of the resistant structure of the building, and also has the curiosity that some floors They are connected by bridges.

Innovative mix of special materials

35 Hudson Yards in the center of the image.

The 35 Hudson Yards skyscraper is located in New York, and is part of a major Hudson Yard construction project aimed at redeveloping the west side of Manhattan.

At 308 meters tall, it is the tallest residential building in the Hudson Yards project and includes 143 apartments and a luxury hotel that spans 11 floors.

35 Hudson Yards in New York reaches 308 meters high 

Residents in this tower designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) architects, enjoy an array of amenities including a private gym, meditation room, golf simulator and large catered terrace with views to the Hudson River, Emporis reports.

For example, its façade is made of Bavarian limestone and glass, adding to its unique appearance with several setbacks, or ‘setbacks’, i.e. parts of the building set back from a line drawn a certain distance from a street or other parts. of the building.

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