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What should be taken into account when buying an electric water heater?

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Electric water heaters have more advantages than we imagine, more currently with the generalization of renewable energies for electricity generation. If you are thinking of installing a new one at home, here you will find the keys to finding the right model for your needs.

It seems that having hot water is something we take for granted. However, this availability does not always meet our true needs. Do we want to open the tap and have the hot water supply immediately? Are we tired of expensive periodic revisions? Do we want a formula that is committed to clean energy and does not emit harmful gases?

The answer to these demands is found in electric water heaters. Whether you are thinking of changing the technology to heat running water in your home or if you already know the benefits of electric water heaters, but you need to update your equipment, in this article we are going to help you find out what they are and how to choose the one that is best for you. .

Advantages of an electric water heater

Broadly speaking, we can say that an electric water heater is one that uses electricity as a source of energy. Unlike gas heaters, which usually work with natural gas, propane or butane, they do not generate waste or require periodic supervision of the installation. The gas meter is also unnecessary and they reduce the number of bills to just one: electricity.

Likewise, its installation is easier, although it is necessary to find a suitable location for its dimensions and weight. And, best of all, you don’t have to wait with the water running for it to come out at the desired temperature, as long as the tank has hot water, it will reach the user instantly, as soon as you open the tap .Usually, they are the preferred solution for second homes or homes where there is no prior gas installation. However, the drive for renewable energies, together with a greater awareness of respect for the environment and the convenience of this immediate supply of hot water, make them an increasingly attractive option in any circumstance.

How to choose an electric water heater

The operation of an electric water heater is simple : the water is stored in a tank that contains a resistance to heat the water and whose capacity varies. In fact, precisely its capacity is one of the determining factors when choosing one model or another. Let’s see in detail this and other characteristics that we have to take into account when buying an appliance of this type.

What capacity of electric water heater to choose

The ideal volume will depend on our hot water needs or if we also want to use the thermos for heating. Its main advantage is that hot water is immediately available, yes, if the tank is empty, you will have to wait until it is full again to resume service. 

The usual storage range ranges between 50 and 100 liters, although  there are up to 300 liters. But don’t run to go get this large volume in case you ever need it. Stop and think first about the equipment in your home (sink, washing machine, shower, bathtub…) and the number of people who live in it. As a usual rule, for 3 people about 100 liters is recommended, and for 4 about 150 liters .

Choosing the  capacity that best suits the requirements of your home is very important , since the models with the largest volume take up significant space once installed.

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