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What are the different types of new homes?

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Do you want to build a new house, but you don’t know much about real estate? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Single storey, storey, concrete block, wood, contemporary or traditional, many adjectives exist to describe a detached house. It is therefore very difficult to find your way around to choose your model, your materials or even your type of architecture ! If the ideal solution depends on your tastes and your desires, there are nevertheless certain specificities to know, in order to be able to take the full measure of the advantages and disadvantages of your decisions.

Between the price of the project, the energy consumption of your future construction and your potential needs in terms of accessibility, here is a summary guide of the different types of new houses , to help you take stock in complete peace of mind and achieve your planes.


Know everything about the architecture of new houses

Traditionally, in terms of the architecture of new houses, there are 4 main types of models : the contemporary house, the traditional house, the modern house and the Provençal (or Mediterranean) house. Let’s see together the characteristics and specificities of the latter, as well as their construction price.

The contemporary house

It is difficult to define exactly what a contemporary house is, even if most of the time, we classify under this adjective the majority of new constructions that come out of the ground today . Straddling the traditional house and the modern house, this house offers a noticeably refined and sober style, with a touch of modernity all the same. Flat roof or sloping roof, single storey or floor, wooden or brick materials, there are no predefined rules for the construction of a contemporary house. In terms of interior architecture, this type of housing is mainly organized around a spacious living room, which includes a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and sometimes even a cellar. Likewise,, to centralize the important part of the house around an open terrace and a garden. Regarding its price, it is difficult to give a precise figure, since it largely depends on the services chosen (garage, terrace or equipped kitchen) and the builder in charge of the house. Nevertheless, by referring to a national average, the price of a contemporary house of 100 m² is around 200,000 or 210,000 € .

The traditional house

The traditional house is the most common type of new house in France . Because of this popularity, its construction price is much lower than for another model of house. Generally built with a sloping roof, this dwelling can be on one level or on two floors, and is not characterized by its particular style. On the contrary, it is rather the result of a regional trend, and can therefore vary significantly depending on your location. Built on reinforced concrete foundations and with a wooden, steel or aluminum frame, the construction of a traditional house is organized around 3 different types of materials:

  • concrete block , a material renowned for its solidity and one of the advantages of which is to be inexpensive, even if it shows its limits in terms of thermal resistance and insulation,
  • brick , a material offering better insulating qualities than concrete block, although it remains significantly more expensive than the latter,
  • the mineral block , or stone, a material acclaimed for its aesthetic qualities and for its insulating and thermal performance, but which remains generally very expensive.

If in general the traditional cinder block house is the least expensive of all the houses, it is necessary that it still respects the new thermal standards in force. Forced to adapt and make up for its ecological shortcomings, this type of construction sees its cost increase from year to year. For this reason, the price of a traditional house of 100 m² is now estimated at around 150,000 € .

The modern house

As we said a little earlier, the modern house is quite similar in style to the contemporary house. However, it is a construction that stands out thanks to many criteria. Right angles, cubic shape, flat roof, large windows or large sliding bay windows, the modern house is always built around geometric and clean lines . In terms of materials, all desires are allowed, some also allowing better consideration of the thermal regulations in force. Concrete, wood, brick or metal, it is above all a home that manages to combine aesthetics and energy performance. Often designed by architects or project managers, the modern house still requires a certain budget, since it is necessary today approximately €220,000 for a 100 m² project.

The Provencal house

Contrary to what its name indicates, the Provençal house, also called Mediterranean house, is not found only in Provence . On the contrary, whether in Vendée, PACA or even Loire-Atlantique, it is not uncommon to see this construction full of character in other regions of France, mainly when they are often sunny. With its old farmhouse or bastide style, the Provençal house offers a living environment full of charm and authenticity, and is mainly characterized by its mix of materials and textures , as well as by its warm colors on the facade. Unfortunately, it is also a home that remains expensive to build, since a model of this type costs between  240,000 to 250,000 € for 100 m² without a garage.


Choose between a one-story or two-story house

For the layout and construction of your new home, you must  choose between a one-story house and a two-story house . If your decision is not dictated by a particular need, such as the presence in the future home of a disabled or elderly person, you may be wondering what is the best choice to make, and especially why. So that you can see more clearly and draw the plan of your dreams, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of one-story houses and two-story houses.

The single storey house

A single-storey house is an obvious asset for moving around and living independently at home for people of all ages and conditions. Ideal for accommodating a baby or for growing old there without losing mobility, the absence of stairs makes it a  safer construction for everyone. On a daily basis, it is a dwelling that is not only  easy to fit out , because there are no more steps to climb with a bulky object in your arms, but also  simple to maintain , since there is no longer any need to climb. vacuuming upstairs and constantly going back and forth on the stairs. The icing on the cake, depending on how you imagine the plan of your house, it is also possible to favorlarge openings towards the garden and the terrace for each living room of the house. Bedrooms, living room, dining room or even kitchen, you can access your land wherever you want if you wish.

Of course, a single-storey house does not only have advantages. On the one hand, it requires the purchase of a larger plot , since it occupies a larger area than a two-storey house. Even if the surface of the garden is of little importance to you, respecting the footprint coefficient, provided for in the town’s local urban plan, obliges you to respect certain dimensions and constraints vis-à-vis the latter. Similarly, a single-storey house requires more substantial earthworks and foundations  than for a two-storey house, which therefore has significant and inevitable repercussions on the final price of the house. Finally, with regard to the interior layout, the proximity of the bedrooms to the living rooms, such as the living room or the dining room, can lead to problems of privacy and tranquility for the whole family.

The two-storey house

While the construction of a single-storey house is more expensive, in particular because of its floor area, the two-storey house is much more advantageous on this point. Indeed, the floor reduces the ground surface of the house , which allows the purchase of a smaller ground and the realization of beautiful savings. In addition, having a floor facilitates the sharing and delimitation of living and sleeping spaces , unlike a single-storey house where, as we said above, the bedrooms are often close to the dining room and the living room. living room. Everyone can therefore find their interest in it, especially when you have children who will certainly play in said rooms.

All the disadvantages of the two-storey house are therefore ultimately the advantages of the single-storey house. First, it is often criticized for its cramped appearance , since the spacious volumes of the single-storey house are not necessarily on the agenda. In addition, we must abandon the idea of ​​large bay windows in the bedrooms, since generally located upstairs, the latter have no possible access to the land or the terrace. Finally, the presence of the staircase has the effect of limiting the movements of young children and disabled or elderly people , just as it can restrict circulation with bulky objects.

What are the most popular types of houses?

France is the champion of house styles, since it has a large number of them, especially depending on the region. Therefore, making a choice when developing a project can be complicated. To steer you in the right direction, here are the 3 types of houses that are very popular right now.

The traditional house

Beneath its innocuous appearance, the traditional house remains very popular with new owners. It must be said that its price is attractive, and that depending on the materials chosen, brick or mineral block, it can also offer good insulating qualities. For a first construction project, the traditional house is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives.

The wooden house

Faced with ecological issues, many French people are now turning to wooden houses. Not only does it cost less to build, but it is also built quickly and offers overall comfort that is sometimes superior to any other type of house. Contrary to popular belief, wood is a material that ages perfectly well, holding up for hundreds of years.

The passive house

Energy consumption is at the heart of all concerns. Logically, individual housing is also concerned, as evidenced by the great popularity of the passive house. Concept imported from Germany, this construction remained inaccessible for a long time because of its price. Today, however, it tends to become more democratic. 

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