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10 things women should do on their first date

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I invite you to learn the best psychological techniques to devise successful dates. You will see how easy it is to capture their attention and make everything flow great.

The meeting is approaching and, in addition to a good look, you need to arm yourself with some tools -or tips- that will help you to highlight the best of you, leaving aside those attitudes that can jeopardize that long-awaited date.

So, so that you are not caught unawares, I offer you a selection of techniques that will help you meet your 50% participation in the evening, making your presence much more pleasant and interesting.

1-. Avoid suggesting who

This is not the most recommended place to have your first meeting –or the official one– with that person you obviously want to meet.

The idea of ​​making an appointment is to talk about you, to tell something interesting, among other things that serve to enjoy a long gathering, not to remain silent in a room where you only have to concentrate on the movie.  

2-. Proposing a coffee is the best way to start a relationship

It is the perfect proposal that serves as an excuse to shorten or lengthen the time. In any place, having a coffee can be something brief, where less than 60 minutes can be enough to end the meeting, but if everything goes well it could be used for a snack, even dinner.

Worry only about enjoying the moment, these types of places usually generate a good mood in people, their environments are ingeniously designed to induce joy and well-being, so it will not be difficult to feel comfortable and ready to laugh a little more than necessary.  

3-. If you are going to eat enjoy it, without complexes

Something that men tend to detect is our negative attitude towards food —and they don’t like it—, so instead, take a good position and enjoy without regrets, you will have time to burn those extra calories.

The only justifiable way to refuse food is because it has taken you to an unpleasant and unreliable establishment, so it would be good if you explained the reasons, but in a delicate way, or suggest another alternative to “run away” from the restaurant.  

4-. Keep your phone silent and put away

There is nothing that irritates a man –or anyone– more than a person who shares more with his Smartphone than with one’s company.

In general, this type of behavior would make you see yourself as self-centered and immature who cares more about comments on social networks than being a woman capable of holding conversations – much less serious relationships.

To avoid setbacks with your mobile, I recommend that before the meeting you make sure that no one is going to interrupt you.

And then leave the phone on “silent” to only check if you get text messages every so often, preferably without your interlocutor noticing, they might think that you are anxious about something.   

5-. Look for interesting topics of conversation

Motivate yourself to follow what he says, tell him an anecdote and be respectful when you have to give a contrary opinion, this will give confidence to your companion in a positive way, so the evening will be more pleasant for both of you.

Add some curious information to your interventions, with the intention of keeping the evening lively.  

6-. Be careful with the things you say

The euphemism is the most appreciated tool for your first dates, try to be assertive in communication. If you know how to say things, you will never have problems.

Throughout the gathering, certain topics will be touched on that you may not be in approval of, so it is convenient to be tolerant and let the other express his ideas, he will also have reasons to do the same.

7-. Avoid the lies

Reciprocity becomes less complicated when you have nothing to hide, so try to be transparent from the beginning.

Probably the appointment is for many other occasions where you may begin to enjoy a stable relationship and this is affected by this type of incident, creating distrust towards you.   

This type of situation happens very frequently in people who do not want to reveal their full identity, for fear of being judged regarding their economic status, religious preference, and even political leanings (linked to their employment and personal life).

Just avoid it, if you are afraid that he will love you the way you are, then is it really worth it? Of course not.

8-. Let yourself go – without overdoing it

If it’s a night out, enjoy it. Have fun like you don’t always do, but up to a limit – if you don’t want to end up in “his” bed on the first date.

Do not go overboard, drink until you feel that the alcohol has affected you a bit. Be careful, remember that it is the first impression, so it will be very valuable to maintain sanity and respect. There will be other occasions to end the “breakfast in bed”.  

9-. Avoid talking about future plans

Any man is scared, to the point of metaphorically wanting to run away, if on the first date you make comments about being open to getting married soon, wanting many children and whether or not to have cats.

You must be careful what you say, many often make this mistake. You can convey your seriousness in the face of all kinds of commitment, but never your despair, that will scare him away.   

10-. a little flirting

It’s always good to make your partner feel like he’s being taken into account, so saying something positive about him will go a long way. Just letting him know that you like the color of his shirt will make him more receptive to you.

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