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How to Play The Sims 4

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You have long desired to have The Sims 4 , a well-known chapter of the historical Electronic Arts life simulation originally released in 2014. However, for a certain period you have postponed everything, as it has always referred to a paid title (which perhaps at the time you checked it was not cheap).

After Electronic Arts has decided to distribute the game for free on an official level, however, you are more interested than ever in understanding how to play The Sims 4 . In fact, you believe that this is the right time to try this type of experience, although you would need some guidance on this, since you are not exactly an expert of the kind involved.

No problem: this guide is here to show you both how to download the game for free on your trusted platform and how to take the first steps inside it. How do you say? Can’t wait to get started? Perfect: below you will find all the relevant information. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and above all have fun!

How to play The Sims 4 on PC

Since you are wondering how to play The Sims 4 for free , I think it is fair to let you know that it is a game originally designed with its reference platform in mind, namely the PC . So I’m going to consider this platform first, explaining how to play The Sims 4 on PC (Windows).

Minimum requirements

How to Play The Sims 4 on PC Minimum Requirements

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to play The Sims 4 , it is good to go and see what are the minimum requirements to be met in order for the computer to be able to run the EA title properly. Below you will find all the information about it.

  • Operating system : Windows 10 64-bit and up;
  • Processor : at least one 3.3 GHz Intel Core i3-3220 (2 cores, 4 threads), AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or better;
  • RAM : at least 4GB;
  • Free disk space : at least 50 GB. You also need at least 1 GB additional for custom material and saves;
  • Video card : 128 MB of memory with support for Pixel Shader 3.0. NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better, Intel GMA X4500 or better;
  • DirectX version : DirectX 11;
  • Internet connection : An Internet connection is required for game activation.

In short, you just have to compare the requirements with the characteristics of your PC (or run a Can You RUN It test), so as to understand if you can actually run the game properly . In any case, I advise you to keep the official EA portal monitored to stay updated on everything, even as regards the recommended requirements . In fact, the demands on resources are clearly constantly changing , even if in reality The Sims 4 isn’t exactly a heavy game and therefore you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Download the game

Having delved into the issue of The Sims 4 minimum requirements, I would say that it is time to proceed with the actual download of The Sims 4 . In this regard, clearly the procedure that I am going to consider is the one related to how to play The Sims 4 without CD . In short: I’m about to explain how to download the Electronic Arts title in its digital version , which for your information became free from October 18, 2022 .

In any case, there are two ways to get the game on Windows : go through the EA app (which basically replaces the old Origin) or through Steam (one of the best known programs for downloading games on PC). The method directly linked to Electronic Arts is what I will show you here, but there are contexts in which you might be interested in perhaps passing through Steam (also for a convenience discourse, if you know that platform well, but beware of the fact that you then switch anyway for Origin , since the latter is installed on first boot). Put simply, if you’re wondering how to play The Sims 4 without Origin, I suggest you continue reading the guide (although you may still be interested in consulting my tutorial on how Steam works).

To download the latter, then reach the official EA website and click first on the Download now button and then on the EA app for Windows , thus obtaining the executable EAappinstaller.exe . At this point, start the latter and press the CUSTOMIZE CONFIGURATION button , then selecting the installation path and clicking in succession on the ANDIAMO and Yes buttons .

Then you just have to wait for the download of the necessary files to be completed , so as to find yourself in front of the login screen of the EA app . Then log in with your EA profile , typing the appropriate credentials and pressing the LOGIN key . If you don’t have an EA account, you can click on CREATE ACCOUNT and complete the procedure. In any case, you should not have too many problems, as it is allowed, by pressing on the appropriate icons , to log in even through Google, Facebook, Apple, Steam, Xbox or PlayStation profiles.

How to play The Sims 4 for free

In any case, once logged in, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the EA app . At this point, press on the item Search games and add-ons , present at the top left, thus typing “the sims 4” . Then click on the most relevant result and click on the DOWNLOAD button .

At this point, you can choose the installation path and language , as well as select whether or not you want to create a desktop shortcut . For the rest, you can simply finish the procedure by clicking first on the NEXT option and then on the DOWNLOAD option .

You will then see that the download will start, appearing in the circle area at the bottom left. You just have to wait for everything to be completed: after which, you can start The Sims 4 directly from the Installed Games and Collection sections of the EA app, as well as from the appropriate icon on the desktop (if you have chosen to create the shortcut).


The Sims 4 controls

Once you’re in the game, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the controls to start playing The Sims 4 properly.

The keys you will probably use most often, as is the case in most PC games, are the classic W , A , S , D. In fact, the latter are used to move the game view. To interact with the game world you have to use the mouse : just click on a person or object you want to interact with and select the relative action.

The click of the mouse is also used to tell your character to move to a certain point on the game map or to select one of the virtual buttons on the screen. The mouse wheel is instead used to zoom the view . In short, the basic commands to get started, or those you will need right away, are really simple.

One of the most common problems among novice players of The Sims 4 is, however, the transition of the view from one floor to another . In some cases, your Sim may move to the second floor of the house, but the view may remain fixed on the ground floor. Well, you just need to know that, to move from one floor to another, you have to use the Page Up and Page Down buttons .

Zoom in on objects in The Sims 4

Another doubt that usually arises to newbies is that relating to the management of the size of the various objects in the Build mode , accessible via the hammer and wrench icon . Well, you need to know that in this case the combinations of buttons Left Shift (shift) + ^ to zoom and Left Shift (shift) + should be used? to zoom out. For more information, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to zoom in on objects in The Sims.

For the rest, the secondary commands involve using the C button to take a screenshot and the V key for recording . In any case, I advise you to consult the section dedicated to the controls present directly in the game settings , in order to always keep track of possible changes to the keys deriving from the latest updates and to obtain all the relevant information also regarding minor features.

First steps

The Sims 4 house building

Speaking of the first things to do after starting a new game, I can only start with building a house . My advice is to choose a free land , such as Streamlet Single , in order to have the space to build a house made as it should.

I remind you that to access the Build mode you simply need to select the empty plot of land and press on the hammer and wrench icon at the bottom right. In this way, the editor will appear on the screen .

Building a house in The Sims 4 can take a long time. Also, we are talking about tastes and therefore it is difficult to give you advice. However, if you want to go into more detail and be guided step by step in this operation, I invite you to consult my guide on how to build a house on The Sims. Next, I invite you to get a little familiar with the house, keeping the Sim inside it for a while and interacting with the various objects . This way, you will be able to understand how to behave when the characters are at home.

After that, it’s time to find a job for your Sim. Then press on the briefcase icon at the bottom and press the Start a career button . By doing so, the character will pick up a smartphone, which will allow you to choose the job . There are so many possibilities, but for all the details of the case and a step-by-step guide I recommend you check out my post on how to make money on The Sims.

Other features

Other features The Sims 4

Of course, The Sims 4 is chock full of things to do. Providing you with a step by step guide on all the possibilities offered by the Electronic Arts game is therefore unthinkable: you will have to discover them yourself during the game and I assure you that it will be a lot of fun to do so. However, I would also like to give you other indications that may be useful to you during your adventure.

For example, you’ll probably want to have your Sim have a baby at some point. Well, in that case it might be useful to follow my tutorial on how to have twins on The Sims. You may also want to expand the possibilities of the EA title by learning how to download custom content on The Sims.

In short, to find out more, I invite you to monitor the page of my site dedicated to The Sims, where you can find many guides that could be for you.

How to play The Sims 4 on Mac

In 2015, Electronic Arts released a macOS version of The Sims 4. The latter is very similar to the one already mentioned for Windows PCs, but clearly there are some differences. I’ll explain them below.

Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements The Sims 4 Mac

As for the requirements to be met in this case, below you will find the minimum ones .

  • Operating system: macOS X 10.11 El Capitan (with Metal) or later;
  • Processors : Intel Core 2 Duo a 2.4 GHz or better;
  • RAM : at least 4GB;
  • Free space : at least 15 GB. You also need at least 1 GB additional for custom material and saves;
  • Video card : at least 256MB of memory. NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro or better;
  • Internet connection : An Internet connection is required for game activation.

In any case, you may also want to take a look at the information I have included in the chapter dedicated to Windows to stay updated on the requirements.

Download the game

After explaining the requirements to run the game, I’d say you’re ready to go ahead and install the game on your Mac .

Well, in this case you can rely on EA’s Origin store client (the other methods are not available on Mac). So connect to the official EA portal and press first on the Download Now button and then on the Origin for Mac .

When the download is complete, open the Origin.dmg file obtained and drag the Origin icon to the MacOS Applications folder . Next, start Origin , read and accept the End User License Agreement , enter the password of your user account on macOS, configure the initial client settings and press the OK button .

At this point, just log in with your EA account , search for The Sims 4 in the store and press the Add to Game Library / Download with Origin button , completing the download and installation procedure . In any case, you might be interested in my tutorial on how to download games with Origin.

Commands and first steps

The Sims 4 Gameplay

The macOS version of The Sims 4 is almost identical to that for Windows, since we are still talking about two systems that essentially use the same keys .

This means that you simply need to consult the chapter dedicated to The Sims 4 for Windows to be able to take your first steps within the game. In any case, don’t worry: EA’s title guides the player by explaining everything through a convenient initial tutorial , so you shouldn’t have any particular problems.

How to play The Sims 4 on PS4

How do you say? Do you usually play on consoles and would like to experience The Sims 4 adventure from this type of platform? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it on PS4 right away !

Download the game

To download The Sims 4 on PS4, you need an internet connected console and a PSN account . For all the details regarding these requirements, I recommend that you consult my tutorial on how to access PlayStation Network.

In any case, once the PlayStation 4 is properly configured, to download The Sims 4 , you must press the X button of the controller on the PS Store icon (shopping bag), which is located on the main screen of the console. After that, you must select the Search item at the top and type “the sims 4” in the proposed search field. Then select the game icon and press the X button of the pad on the Download item . That’s all, although you may want to learn more about my guide on how to download free games on PS4.

If you have an Xbox console instead , you need to set up an Xbox Live account (as well as connecting the console to the internet of course). For all the details of the case, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to download free games on Xbox One. In short, in any case there is nothing complex.

First steps and commands

First Steps and Controls How to Play The Sims 4

At the beginning of your game, you will probably find yourself a little confused as to which keys to use, as The Sims 4 is still a title originally intended for PC . Below I will consider the keys for the PS4 version of The Sims 4, but clearly the Xbox One edition uses mirror keys.

Well, to move the game view just use the right stick , while to interact with the game you often use the X button . Instead, the cursor moves using the left stick , while the down and up arrow buttons are used to move from one floor to another in a house . To shrink or enlarge objects in Build mode , you must press L2 + R2 + down arrow or up arrow at the same time .

These are the main controls, but clearly everything can be managed via the button screen in the game settings . Additionally, you can find more details on basic controls, for both PS4 and Xbox, on EA’s official website.

In any case, if you have the possibility, my advice is to use the mouse and keyboard on the console as well. In fact, we are talking about a game that is, in my view, more enjoyable through this input method. For all the details of the case, I recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to connect a mouse and keyboard to the PS4.

As for the first steps to take within the game, I invite you instead to consult the chapter dedicated to the PC version, since clearly the title is essentially the same.

How to play The Sims 4 on iPad

How to play The Sims 4 on iPad

Going beyond the ability to play The Sims 4 on Windows PCs, Macs and consoles, it might interest you to learn that several interesting possibilities have been spreading over the past few years, which could come in handy, for example, if you’re wondering how to play The Sims 4 without downloading it . Yes, we refer to opportunities related to iPad (and not only).

In fact, you must know that for a certain period The Sims 4 was available on Xbox Cloud Gaming . Unfortunately, however, at the time of writing the game is no longer available . In any case, we refer to a cloud gaming service , which allows in simple terms to take advantage of a good Internet connection to play titles related to the PC and console world even on smartphones and tablets .

This happens by sending to your device the video stream in real time linked to the game, which is actually running on a more performing machine placed in the buildings of the service provider. However, the technical details are of little importance, since with a good Internet connection you can play without problems , even directly from an iPad and a browser like Safari . In any case, if you are interested in learning more about this world, you can refer to my tutorial on how Xbox Game Pass works, or the subscription to which Xbox Cloud Gaming is linked . However, I reiterate that at the time of writing The Sims 4 is no longer available in this way.

There are, however, other possibilities, albeit a little more “intricate”. You might, for example, consider features that allow you to stream games you have installed on PCs and consoles to mobile devices . The Sims 4 on Steam page , for example, states that it is possible to Remote Play the game on a tablet , so you might want to take a look at the guidelines related to Steam’s Remote Play feature. If you are used to playing The Sims 4 from PlayStation 4 , you may want to consult, for example, my tutorial on how to play the PS4 on the iPhone. Of course, it’s not the same as the aforementioned cloud gaming, but it could still be an interesting opportunity.

How to play The Sims 4 online

Net of the questions discussed above, I also want to make a clarification regarding the online features of The Sims 4.

In fact, you may have doubts about, for example, how to play together with The Sims 4 or similar aspects, as maybe you have never thoroughly investigated this type of title. Well, I must let you know that The Sims 4 is a single player title , as also explained in all digital stores linked to the various platforms.

The Sims 4 is in fact linked to online only for what concerns, for example, features such as the Gallery. To be clear, we refer to the downloading of content created by other users , but otherwise, as already mentioned, the experience is easily enjoyable even offline.

For the rest, I am aware that over the years the community of enthusiasts has also created mods for PC that can potentially allow you to play The Sims 4 online , but in these cases there is always the question of safety (in how much unofficial third-party files are being downloaded) and I believe it is never good practice to recommend mods when online and contact with other players are involved. However, if you are still interested in this world (maybe even for other content made by users and not related to online), you can refer to my tutorials on how to put mods on The Sims and on the best mods for The Sims.

How to play The Sims 4 offline

How do you say? Are you about to go on a journey and would like to play the Electronic Arts title in offline mode , since you will not have an Internet connection? I’ll give you details right away that might come in handy.

Well, generally reaching your goal is extremely simple: once you have completed the download of the title, you just have to start the game without an Internet connection to start enjoying. However, sometimes, especially on PC, there can be unexpected events .

In between there are issues related to the platform from which you downloaded the game: or rather, in the case of the computer world everything is usually linked to the program with which the game was obtained, whether it is an app from EA  Origin or Steam . These clients are in fact constantly updated : I wanted to let you know that in the past, with certain versions of these programs, some users have actually had problems starting offline games .

There are many variables in the game, but, to give you a concrete example, as also explained in the guidelines relating to the offline mode of Steam, in some cases it may be necessary to start the title at least once with an active Internet connection , as well as maybe, for safety, open the clients with an active Internet connection and leave them active in the background (or keep the game already started active directly), so that they do not close and ask you to log in. For example, using the Steam / Origin combination , make sure you have Origin open in the background with already logged inpreviously when you had an Internet connection available.

On consoles there shouldn’t be any problems , but you understand that continuous software updates can change the situation at any moment , so I can be precise up to a certain point. If you want some advice, the best way to understand if everything is ready for your trip is simply to carry out all the necessary tests for your specific configuration before leaving, temporarily disconnecting the Internet connection from the computer / console and seeing how the game starts(You could also think about changing the program with which to download the game if there are not too many problems in this regard, in this regard Steam is usually the most reliable client, but beware of possible complications, for example, in terms of saves).

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