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Raiders of the Broken Planet: Betrayal of Hades

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Talking about Mercury Steam is talking about what, along with Tequila Works , is possibly the most important video game development studio. 

Metroid Samus Returns , Castlevania Lord of Shadows and Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 are several of the heavyweights that the Madrid studio has developed, with Raiders of the Broken Planet being their biggest and bravest release to date, published by themselves. This asymmetric shooter defined by its creators as a “ counter -cooperative” shooter.» Pits groups of four players against an antagonist controlled by another player, who will try to prevent the Raiders from completing their missions, divided among several in independently marketed premium campaigns.

Today we are analyzing The Betrayal of Hades , the third premium campaign of the four scheduled by the studio, which comes accompanied by a great update that could not come at a better time, improving the title’s progression system and adding substantial improvements such as weapon forging , the affinity or the « Aequilibrium » system. Do you need more reasons to return to live adventures on the Broken Planet?

On this occasion, the Raiders will have to confront the Hades Division , led by General Krausher , an organization that tries to gain a monopoly on the Aleph, an energy that exists on the Broken Planet that grants power to whoever controls it. The Raiders will “recruit” Ayana Kwena with the aim of dealing a heavy blow to the division, while by the way Lycus Dion resolves personal issues with Schneider, a Hades Division hacker.

As is already a tradition in the premium campaigns of this title, Hades’ Betrayal offers players a new story made up of four missions and a new character.that can only be unlocked by overcoming the first mission of the campaign as long as we have purchased it. Ayana Kwena, the head of the Hades Division, is possibly the character with the best artistic design currently available in the game. This space pirate has a powerful mine thrower and a hook that will allow us to expose our enemies, thus creating a character that is difficult to master, but very strategic when it comes to forming our Raider teams.The Betrayal of Hades is one of the most elaborate premium campaigns to date and is that, in addition to having a large arsenal of secondary characters, among which Schneider and the charismatic Aneska stand out , it offers a wide variety of scenarios that gather the best of what we have seen in previous campaigns: we will go through wasteland deserts like those seen in Fury Wardog, icy mountains that will remind us of the first mission of Alien Myths and we will fight shootouts aboard Hades Division ships, as we did in Eternal Soldier. They also improve the introductory videos of the missions, with more elaborate sequences and improving the charisma of the Raiders, allowing us to empathize more with them.

While other previous premium campaigns such as Wardog Fury suffered from having more repetitive objectives, this third campaign is committed to more varied tasks that do not consist solely of collecting Aleph and taking it to a point on the map. We are going to find escort missions, survival missions, Aleph recharge missions, races against the clock, movement of heavy objects and even huge final bosses to face in the final missions of the campaign. The missions continue with the classic scheme of the title, being divided into four different stages with objectives that vary from one to the other.

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