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Iran, another student who died of police beatings

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In Tehran, a young Kurdish woman, Nasrin Ghadri, was the victim of the repression of anti-regime demonstrations in which, after 50 days, it is estimated that 200 people lost their lives. According to the Kurdish rights group Hengaw, based in Norway, security forces opened fire in the city of Marivan, injuring 35 people.

The anti-regime protest does not stop, at the risk of life. A 35-year-old PhD student, Nasrin Ghadri, who was studying philosophy in Tehran, died on Saturday after being beaten in the head with a truncheon by security forces during Friday demonstrations. A new episode of violence that reproduces the massacre already suffered by Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died in September, who was also beaten on the head by the moral police.

A burial in a hurry

For over 50 days the demonstrators have been protesting in the streets, without showing signs of abating, and yesterday they wanted to remember the student by marching in Marivan, her hometown in Iranian Kurdistan. The charge is against the government for hastily forcing the woman’s burial in haste. The police also this time opposed them with an iron fist to the sound of bullets, wounding at least 35, according to the AFP. Other accusations against the regime include that of forcing the father to announce that the cause of his daughter’s death was linked to an “illness” or “intoxication”, a version similar to that adopted by the authorities for the Mahsa case.

Iranian deputies demand the law of retaliation

The overwhelming majority of the 290 Iranian deputies demanded that justice apply the law of retaliation against the “enemies of God” in reference to the perpetrators of the “riots”, whose death toll is approaching 200 according to an NGO based outside the Islamic Republic. Meanwhile, the arrests continue: three teams affiliated with the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (Mko) group – considered terrorist by Tehran – have been stopped, according to reports by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

A statement quoted by Fars claims that the teams aimed to conduct sabotage and terrorist actions in the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars and Isfahan, attracting “rioters” to attack the state, security and police centers, destroy public property and kill people. Pictures posted on social networks show protesters throwing stones at official buildings and burning the flag of the Islamic Republic. Universities have become one of the main centers of protest. According to the Norwegian-based NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR), students from Sharif University in Tehran staged sit-ins in support of other arrested students on Sunday.

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