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What you didn’t know about the movie that inspired ‘He is like that’, Netflix’s new teenage romance

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The new Netflix rom-com ‘He is like that’ has everything to become the teen movie of the year, but behind this film is a 1999 feature film: ‘She is like that’.

And if you liked the 2021 production that after its premiere quickly positioned itself as the most watched in our country, then you will love the 90s film.

So that you give it a chance, here we leave you some curiosities that you may not have known about this film and its connections with the Netflix romantic comedy.

1. Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Cameos in a Romantic Comedy

cast of scooby doo in she is so

One of the facts that usually goes unnoticed about this tape is that it featured almost the entire cast that starred in the live-action ‘Scooby Doo’ in 2002.

Freddie Prinze Jr., the protagonist of this story was later ‘Fred’ in this film and Mathew Lillard, who plays ‘Shaggy’, played the boyfriend of Prinze’s ex-partner in ‘She’s like that’.

In addition, the movie had a cameo by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who would play Daphne just a few years later alongside her current husband.

Although Rachael Leigh Cook (who played the lead in the original film) was not a part of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon-inspired live-action film, she did make an appearance in ‘He Is That’, along with Lillard, being a small tribute to the 1999 film.

2. The most problematic character of ‘She is like that’

Many of us may now see the 90s tape and find some problematic elements in the film, but none of them surpasses who was behind the scenes.

And it is that the producer accused of harassment, Harvey Weinstein, was one of the executives of the tape and even wanted to contribute a sword fight in it, but fortunately the production ignored him.

In retrospect, the fact that Weinstein had to see in this tape is the most unpleasant thing to see it again and thankfully he had nothing to do with the new movie that reverses the roles of the protagonists.

3. Weinstein almost ruined the most iconic scene in the film.

If just remembering that Weinstein was part of the production is enough to send chills down our spines, his ‘creative additions’ show that he wasn’t even good at this.

The producer wanted to remove the dance fight that was so iconic that “He is like that” paid his own tribute to it, this because “it did not make sense” for him that everyone knew the choreography, a rather ridiculous complaint, considering that very few things from the movie make sense.

Fortunately, the director, Robert Iscove, fixed the problem, adding Usher to the plot and so we all enjoyed this dance scene.

4. The revelation of M. Night Shyamalan

In 2013, the “Sixth Sense” director sparked controversy when he alleged that he had ghostwritten the script, which R. Lee Fleming Jr., the production’s lead writer, strongly denied.

According to Jack Lechner, who served as Miramax’s head of development in the late 90s, no one would be wrong, since Shyamalan did rewrote some parts of the script, delving into the characters and particularly Leigh, the protagonist.

However, Lechner assured that the script “was pretty much finished” when Shyamalan came on board.

5. The true story of the theme of ‘She is like that’

If you’ve already seen ‘He’s like that’, you’ve surely noticed that there are many musical references to the nineties and the biggest of all is ‘Kiss Me’, the song that served as the theme song for the original.

The Sixpence None the Richer tune was released in 1998 and was originally from the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ soundtrack.

However, fortunately an executive from Columbia Records suggested her for the movie and after the premiere of ‘Ella es así’, it reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed for 16 weeks and its popularity reached such a degree that in Europe, the title of the film was changed from ‘She’s All That’ to ‘Kiss Me’.

6. The story of ‘She is like this’ and ‘He is like that’ is much older than you think

In 1913, George Bernard Shaw wrote ‘Pygmalion’, a play which in turn was based on Ovid’s story ‘Pygmalion’.

Both narrate a story similar to that of the “She is like this” and “He is like this” tapes, because while the most recent deals with the romance of a teacher and the woman he swore to transform, the oldest is more metaphorical, since his The main character is a sculptor who ends up falling in love with her after finishing one of his works.

And this tape would not be the only one inspired by literary classics. Here we leave you some others that you never suspected are film adaptations.

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