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Top 10 of the best musical instruments to play alone or in a group

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For a Friday at the top, you need a top! Today we come back with our ranking of musical instruments to play alone or in a group, an impartial comparison of course (or not!).



And no, you thought the guitar was the best instrument? Nay , I’ll give you the bass, not because I play this instrument myself but because it throws some! And because also, if you remove an “s” from the word “bass” it makes “base” and the bass is the base. Boom. Rather discreet but essential, the bass poses with the drums the fundamentals of any song, in terms of rhythm and musicality. Much like the guitar, the bass is played in many different styles and can deliver luscious lines and solos. An equally sexy instrument which when it is endorsed by a woman, it gives an interstellar class (yes, it’s me who plays on the video alongside Jeff Beck ).

The guitar

I still put it second. The guitar, which is surely the most played instrument in the world, is pretty cool to wear in a group, especially since the guitarist along with the singer, are often the targets of groupies and band fans. You can play anything on a guitar, ranging from metal to classical while passing through the blues. However, respect the following commandment: never play Oasis Wonderwall on a beach or elsewhere. Never. And also forget I’m Yours by Jason Mraz , thank you in advance and learn about Stevie Ray Vaughan , Jeff Beck or even Santana, I don’t know, but do something and take care of yourself!

The battery

Another very cool instrument that I dream of learning, the drums ladies and gentlemen! Perfect dexterity and coordination as well as a rhythm in the skin, that’s what it takes to tackle this instrument. When played well, it can also deliver unforgettable auditory orgasms. Drummers are real sportsmen because they sweat blood and water and burn the most calories during a concert. Perhaps the solution to an effective diet is there: become a drummer. For now, admire one of the greatest drummers ever, John Bonham of legendary band Led Zeppelin :

The piano


We all have a Jean-Henry who impressed his classmates in music class with La Lettre à Elise or La dispute d’ Amélie Poulain , composed by the master Yann Tiersen . Surely the second most played instrument in the world, the piano remains an essential instrument. A chameleon that can adapt to many styles, this instrument can be present in formations in the form of keyboards and other synthesizers provided by musicians who are specialists in the field. However, the piano can also be provided by the singer and it’s pretty cool when someone can play this instrument and sing at the same time, right Ray?

The saxophone

We move on to woodwinds which are without a doubt super stylish and rather original instruments to play. Although the only real instrument created by and for jazz is the drums, the saxophone is considered the emblematic instrument of the style. However, it can find its place among rock bands but also in more popular style formulations such as bossa nova, reggae, funk, etc. Well I didn’t give you the Epic Saxo Guy although it was itchy, I opted for a pretty good saxophone guy, Sonny Rollins  :

The trumpet

“  Ah yeah you play the trumpet? “, we ask that a bit like meeting an alien because few people play it! Among the greatest trumpeters, come to our mind Miles Davis who has experimented with a thousand and one styles with his instrument, Louis Armstrong and his ”  wie en wroseee  ” but also Chet Baker and more recently Ibrahim Maalouf , a little Frenchie who is doing quite well. Nevertheless, I remain on the one and only Miles Davis with Tutu which is for me the absolute master. This album Tutuwas my subject in music option in the baccalaureate (especially thought of the music section of the TS3).

The violin


I needed a touch of classic! The violin is an essential instrument in the great symphony orchestras in order to play the most beautiful classical airs such as the Four Seasons by Vivaldi , the Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov and other marvelous concertos. However, the fiddle is very often used in more popular and traditional styles for example Celtic music! A violin in a group also immediately gives this touch of authenticity and custom. Irish band  The Corrs , formed by the Corr siblings , have incorporated the fiddle into their rock music, resulting in a very pleasing mix:

The voice

“Uh nn mé le chan c pa 1 instrumen wesh” well if my sister. The voice is an instrument that you have to work on and develop if you want to become the new Christina Aguilera . No need to get yourself an instrument and all the gear that goes with it, the instrument is inside you, inside you, just waiting to be released and heard by the world… Nevertheless, not all of us have a beautiful voice so if this is the case for you, you can possibly try one of the instruments mentioned in this article. Afterwards, if music isn’t made for you, maybe it’s archery or curling… In any case, a singer who can sing is cool and that can give us back everything, and the Little Singers at the Wooden Cross know a thing or two about it. I let you listen to itRossini ‘s Cat Duo (please don’t laugh it’s beautiful).

The kazoo

If you play the kazoo, do not hesitate to contact Zaz who will welcome you with open arms! A particularly annoying sound that prevents us from concentrating and thinking clearly. Basically, we sign our death warrant, especially when the instrumentalist plays the overture to William Tell by Rossini  (yes another classic tune you don’t give a fuck about but you know the melody).

The flute

A touch of sweetness with this superb instrument that we were all forced to handle in college with a music teacher who impressed us by playing Cabbage Soup . A clear and detox sound that takes us to the sky and the clouds. We feel free, light, life is so beautiful! To end this top in style, I offer you the most beautiful cover of Titanic on the flute. Close your eyes, listen, inhale, exhale. Then sink.

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