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How to know if you are handsome to women: scientifically proven signs

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If you don’t know if you are attractive to women and you constantly wonder how to know if I am handsome, then we will tell you a few signs that you should pay attention to so that you discover it.

Although the concept of beauty varies a lot between people, due to their tastes, cultures, preferences and other qualities, appearance is one of the main things and being handsome is very helpful when attracting girls.

Scientifically there are certain signs that show that you are handsome. These are:

1. Symmetrical face

Scientists have verified that symmetrical faces are considered more attractive than asymmetrical faces. Ever since Leonardo Da Vinci and his golden proportions, a symmetrical man is considered more handsome than one who is not.

So that you can check the symmetry of your face, take a photo of yourself in front and in profile and divide your face into horizontal and vertical thirds. Then compare these proportions and see how symmetrical you are.

2. Nice smile

The mouth is one of the first things a woman sees in a man and a nice smile is essential for you to be considered attractive.

Straight white teeth give a very positive impression and it has been shown that men who smile a lot (with a nice smile) are considered more handsome and attract much more attention from girls.

3. Height and athletic body

Scientists have shown that for a man to be considered attractive, he must be tall and athletic. The average height that women usually seem attractive is 1.80 meters and weighing at least 80 kilos.

Studies show that women tend not to like thin but not fat men, with a medium build, athletic type being ideal.

4. Vello Facial

It has been scientifically proven that women find a man with a beard or facial hair more attractive than clean-haired men. Of course, to be attractive, facial hair must be well groomed.

Bushy eyebrows, bushy beards and mustaches have been shown to be very striking and positive. So, if you want to be attractive to women, what are you waiting for to grow a beard?

5. Angled face

Studies have shown that angled jaws and faces are more attractive to women, considering men with these characteristics more handsome because they seem more masculine.

6. Healthy skin

Having an even and healthy complexion is essential to being beautiful. Research has shown that women do not find men with acne or blemishes handsome. So if you have uniform skin, you have succeeded; If not, what are you waiting for to improve it?

How do I know if I’m attractive?

If you still do not know if you are attractive to girls and you constantly wonder how to know if I am handsome, pay attention to these aspects that will surely answer your questions:

1. People turn to look at you

One of the main signs that you are attractive is when people turn to look at you. It can be on the street, in a meeting or in classes. That people stare at you or turn to look at you is a sure sign that you are attractive.

How do I know if I am an ugly man?

There is no single idea of ​​what a beautiful man is, since what may be beautiful for some may be ugly or grotesque for others. However, there are some standard aspects to take into account so that you can tell if you are an ugly man. Some of them are:

1. Your face is not symmetrical

Symmetry is one of the most important features in patterns of beauty. If you are not symmetrical, you may not be a handsome man (physically speaking).

To test if your face is symmetrical, you must put your index finger from your chin to your nose, without pressing it, or pulling your lips out. If the middle part of this finger is not on the lips, it is enough proof to show asymmetry in the face and not be attractive.

2. You have skin problems

Those who have acne on their faces are not considered attractive as opposed to those with an even face and no lesions. Therefore, if you have acne you may not be so handsome.

3. Thin lips and ugly smile

For a man to be considered attractive, he must have beautiful lips and a pretty smile. If your lips are very thin and your teeth are stained, in the wrong position or broken… you may be considered ugly.

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