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Gardens of Mexico Why does everyone want to go? 7 secrets

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México Gardens is a 100% Mexican place, where the colors, aromas and textures of the Mexican and world flora are recreated.

México Gardens stands out for being the largest garden in the Cuernavaca world, with a space of 51 hectares, 37 of which are intended for contemplation.

I tell you that this is one of the main gardens in Cuernavaca, thanks to its great variety of flowers and its architecture.

It is one of the most important gardens in México Morelos, which has more than 22,000 trees planted within the park since its opening in 2014.

I tell you that when entering you must take into account respect for nature.

1. Italian style garden with flower gardens around it.

I tell you that this beautiful place will transport you to beautiful Italy, since being there is as if you were in an Italian villa, due to its fountains, sculptures and above all its elegance.

What’s more, it is one of the most important gardens in Cuernavaca among the gardens in Mexico.

The tour of this Italian-style garden will take you at least 20 minutes to explore everything.

As you enter the garden, you will realize that it is shaped like a patio with geographical elements, full of art and when you walk through it, it will envelop you with its beauty.

2. Japanese style garden one of the most beautiful Morelos gardens.

If you like Japanese culture this place is perfect for you, because it is designed to refer to the culture.  

Similarly, the gardens of Mexico Jojutla, are part of the gardens of Mexico, if you want to see the entire Japanese-style garden it lasts 30 minutes.

It is made up of plants, rocks, trees and waterfalls, all under a perfect harmony of elements and symbolism with deep and ancient meanings.

To be more realistic you can visualize the landscape of bamboo, bridges and architecture typical of Japanese culture.

What’s more, being in that wonderful place you will be able to obtain peace of mind and find yourself by the sound of the water and the wind brushing against your skin. 

3. Tropical Garden or also known as the flower garden.

If you like the tropical jungle, this is the right garden for you since it is made up of waterfalls, pre-Hispanic plants and beautiful flowers.

It has a humid tropical climate and if you want to visit the entire tropical garden, it will take approximately 20 minutes.

The Cuernavaca flower garden is full of plants that may be to your liking.

It also has a spectacular orchid garden that will leave you wide-eyed at how beautiful it looks.

You are going to discover the tropical jungle of our wonderful and unique country, remember to wear comfortable clothes.

The representative plants of the tropical garden are: Flor de Seda, Flor de Mayo and Bromelia.

This beautiful garden is part of Gardens of Morelos Cuernavaca, within Jardines de México.

4. Garden of Cactaceae in Jardines de México Morelos.

This garden is unique, full of richness of Mexican culture with a typical desert landscape.

If it catches your attention to know what sound would look like, this is the right garden for you, it has a dome that increases the temperature to preserve the species and facilitate their growth.

You will find more than 200 cacti that are very representative of our country.

It also has a giant cactus known as the “Candelabro” cactus , which is a donation from the Teocalcingo Guerrero area.

Jardines de México intends to preserve the species that are in danger of extinction, giving them a better life in their gardens, they take great care of each plant around them.

5. The flower garden or also known as the 4 Springs Garden.

This beautiful flower garden is designed to represent or publicize spring, it has different flowers and colors.

Throughout the year it has more than 61 million different flowers and they change depending on the season in which they are found.

It is magical to be in a place that can bring joy to your eyes just by looking at the colors of each flower or the trees that give you an air full of life and harmony.

It is also made up of a beautiful fountain that is located in the center of the garden and from there you can make the decision of the four walkways that will lead you to discover something incredible.

6. Labyrinth of the Senses located in gardens of Mexico. 

If you want to go to something more extreme, I will tell you about the labyrinth of the senses since you will be able to live a unique experience full of art.

The labyrinth was not made for you to get lost but to connect with art and open your senses.

The maze is covered in bushes that do not allow you to see to the other side.

Upon reaching the center of the labyrinth you will find an art gallery, in a quiet and reserved place.

7. Consentidos located in Jardines de México Cuernavaca.

You will wonder what is consented? I tell you that it is a space for children and adults, where various activities are carried out, where the importance of caring for the environment is explained.

The activities that can be carried out are the following: attend a workshop, visit the butterfly farm, go to the insect pavilion and finally go to the DNA pavilion.

If you go with your family it is a perfect place where adults and children will live together 100%.

They develop teamwork and taking into account the importance of caring for the environment.

Also, if it is time to eat you can go to the cafeteria that is right there and buy something tasty to enjoy with the family.

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