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The best apps to avoid food waste and spend less

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Unsold items, “ugly” fruits and vegetables, short circuits… These applications help reduce food waste, spend less and eat a balanced diet.

It is estimated that 40% of the world’s food production is thrown away every year. Either because the products have remained at the bottom of the fridge in private homes, or because the supply chain of the stores has incorrectly assessed the needs, or even because the expiry dates prevent the sale. And, more than percentages, this enormous mess proves even more difficult to swallow when you consider that 12 billion animals are raised and slaughtered for nothing, because they will never be eaten.

Today, what is produced on Earth could feed 1.5 times the world’s population if we didn’t throw away so much. To limit this food waste, a law has however been passed in France to require supermarkets to give the surplus to associations. Collective catering must also make sure to avoid throwing away too much, etc. But the concrete effects are still awaited… Fortunately, everyone can act at their level thanks to the apps listed below. Solutions which, as a bonus, often promise a 50% reduction.

Too Good To Go: the benchmark

Founded in June 2016 by Lucie Basch, this free application, whose name means “too good to throw away”, has created a network to fight against food waste. By signing agreements with a number of food chains, it makes it possible to collect unsold items from stores, bakeries and restaurants to avoid wasting food. The principle is simple: you register for free, you indicate where you live and Too Good To Go offers you baskets at a reduced price with times to pick up the food.

Too Good To Go

We don’t always know precisely what will be inside – a selection of varied vegetables, pastries, sushi… – but the prices defy all competition. You can even reserve baskets several days in advance. As good for the planet as it is for your wallet.

  • The +: a large network of some 32,000 merchants in France (more than 50,000 meals saved per day) and a presence in 17 countries. It is the most complete offer.

Phenix: the precursor

Created in 2014, this application offers a fairly similar solution. We register and at the end of the day, we can collect surprise baskets from local merchants with an average reduction of 50%. Suppliers can be supermarkets, bakery chains, neighborhood cheese shops, hotel buffets, caterers, organic stores, etc.

  • The +: precise filters for food preferences. In addition to the traditional vegetarian and vegan options, you can also configure the app to only be offered halal, kosher, organic, local, etc. baskets. Another advantage: the possibility of paying in dematerialized meal vouchers.

Save Eat: the right recipe

Here, no baskets to pick up to save food, but an application to avoid throwing away what you have at home. Simply scan your purchased products or fill in the bulk ingredients (legumes, starches, fruits, vegetables, etc.) with their expiry date so that Save Eat notifies you when certain items are approaching the fateful date. It’s very practical when you never remember what you have in the cupboards and the refrigerator.

save eat

As a bonus, Save Eat also offers a whole bunch of personalized anti-waste recipes based on what you have in stock. Nothing very complicated, but dishes that will allow you to throw away as little as possible (muffins with banana peel or stale bread, french toast, pesto and various hummus…).

  • The +  : the “zero waste” and “zero leftover” recipes from the Save Eat team have been compiled into a cookbook that you can afford or give away.

Save Eat, on iOS and Android.

And also…

  • We Act for Good, by WWF. This app launched in 2018 offers users the opportunity to take up eco-responsible challenges. Through gamification, the WWF invites us to discover different themes, including that of food waste. It’s free and fun with quizzes and new recipes every day. Discover the app.
  • HopHopFood. Here, merchants and individuals can indicate what they wish to donate to avoid food waste and, at the same time, fight against insecurity. Sponsored by Guillaume Gomez, the former chef of the kitchens of the Élysée, this app was created by an association which also wants to create by the end of 2023 a network of 220 solidarity pantries in Île-de-France. Discover the app.
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