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The 4 important environmental issues for 2022

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Our planet is made up of several elements acting together to function normally. But water, earth and air are the main components that ensure environmental balance. In addition, human beings are the first responsible who can guarantee a healthy and stable natural environment.

Therefore, every act that we humans perform impacts the environmental conditions of the entire planet. And in recent decades our planet has experienced disturbances. In particular, for 2022, we are faced with 4 major environmental problems.

Water pollution

Water pollution is more noticeable in our daily lives. This is characterized by a few undeniable criteria:

  • Existence of microorganisms

Research centers periodically carry out analyzes on the water , from its source to its routing. We note that the major presence of micro-organisms is increasing in running water, lakes and rivers. Thus, various viral and infectious diseases are affecting more and more people, even causing some deaths.

  • Presence of chemical elements and waste

Due to the lack of attention of industrial operators and the negligence of certain levels, wastewater from the majority of industries is discharged directly into lakes and rivers . However, they are infested with chemicals, generally dangerous for living beings. This causes many infectious diseases for humans, the extermination of species living in water, but also favors the conditions of vegetation.

The scarcity of natural resources

The depletion of all natural resources is a major concern and impacting the general balance of the ecosystem for 2022. This is generally due to natural factors, but especially caused by the thoughtless acts of humans. However, the scarcity of these natural resources has important consequences?

  • Consequence in terms of health

Dried up and silted rivers affect soil fertility , preventing better yield. Consequently, the quantity and nutritional quality of people deteriorate, thus causing a significant imbalance in terms of health.

  • Economic and demographic consequences

Demographically, the depletion of natural resources encourages people to emigrate, thus impacting considerable disruption on the economic level, whether in rural or urban areas.

  • Effect on the ecosystem.

The ecosystem, being the fundamental pillar that ensures the survival of all living beings, suffers harmful consequences in the face of the depletion of natural resources. And in 2022, the risks can be deplorable to the point of causing droughts, heat waves, floods, glacial melts, forest fires, etc.

Global warming

global warming fire

Global warming is due to the high concentration of greenhouse gases, resulting from harmful human activities. A priori, 2022 will not experience any slowdown on these instabilities. Scientists then predict an increase of 2°C on the planetary climate in general. A major increase not to be neglected, because this can worsen to the point of impacting the entire terrestrial and maritime ecology. Global warming favors the melting of ice in the poles, thus accentuating a considerable rise in sea level. On the other hand, these incessant disturbances will in turn cause other damage.

At air pollution

The air pollution is more and more considerable , which inflicts many worries for the living beings. First of all, the calcination of certain fuels such as oil, coal and certain gases contaminates the air. Afterwards, the same use of these materials in the industrial sector multiplies further. Finally, gases from certain hydrocarbon-powered means of transport are an even more aggravating factor in air pollution.

Education and citizenship, two tools to deal with environmental problems

Currently, the situation is not favorable for the ecosystem in general, because the direct and indirect factors impacting the environmental imbalance are considerable. However, there are long-term measures that would slow down these degradations, even a momentous change for years to come.

Education remains the best weapon to fight against the deterioration of the environmental balance. As a result, raising awareness of the entire population through tools and specific collective activities will support organizations to fight against existential environmental problems. Particularly at the educational level, it is possible to initiate students from an early age in how to maintain the ecosystem.

According to a well-established policy for the protection of the environment, each person must be empowered . It starts with awareness of the current and future situation of the ecosystem. In particular, the application and participation in certain concrete responsibilities will greatly contribute to the restoration of the environmental balance.

  • Good management in the use and consumption of water would greatly contribute to a positive improvement.
  • Reduce electricity consumption and promote the use of green and renewable energies.
  • Recycle electronic devices.
  • Wastewater treatment.
  • Abolish the production of plastic packaging and establish the policy for the use of recyclable packaging.
  • Massive reforestation whether in urban or rural areas.
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