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How to consume more eco-responsibly?

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A melting icecap, disappearing animal and plant species, increasingly polluted air… The consequences of environmental degradation are visible everywhere.

Environmental issues are thus becoming increasingly important. Responsible consumption then becomes a habit. What actions to take to consume eco-responsibly? How to consume more eco-responsibly?

Prioritize the market for refurbished products of technological objects

To consume eco-responsibly, prefer reconditioned products. In the context of a circular economy, giving a second life to objects is at the center of practices. The market for refurbished products has been booming in recent years. On Okamac.com, for example, you will find a wide variety of refurbished high-tech devices accessible to everyone.

Refurbished devices are objects that have already been used, then returned to a recycling center so that they can regain their optimal function. By investing in refurbished technological objects, you contribute to reducing the environmental impacts linked to the field of technology. Indeed, with the rise of digital, the market for electronic devices has become flourishing. Yet these devices emit all kinds of pollution. The reconditioned therefore reduces these harmful effects.

Adopt ecological gestures during the consumption of products

The main objective of an eco-responsible consumer is to make the least amount of waste. All products must therefore be valued. In the case of foodstuffs, be sure to finish the contents of each jar or box. All organic waste is biodegradable. They are used to make compost.

Recycle other waste. If they are still in good condition, offer them to associations or individuals. You can also sell them. For objects in poor condition that must be thrown away, be sure to follow the sorting instructions . Glass, plastic and paper, for example, are among the recyclable materials. Some products will, however, be incinerated to produce energy.

consume eco-responsible refurbished technological objects

Choose products from organic farming

When shopping, choose products from organic farming. Food has a 20 to 50% environmental footprint. Organic farming does not require the use of chemicals. It contributes greatly to the maintenance of biodiversity. To go further, bet on local products.

On the one hand, organic farming reduces environmental pollution. On the other hand, the products obtained are healthier. They are of better nutritional quality. They help the body to fight various diseases.

Think about a greener transport solution

Eco-responsible consumption also involves the choice of transport. To reduce your carbon footprint, limit your trips when shopping. Indeed, your travels for the races have considerable impacts on the environment. Added to this is the transport of agricultural and food products and the transport of imported products.

There are several solutions to reduce your carbon impact. For your small errands, for example, get around by bike . Group your big shopping in one trip to pollute less. Another alternative would be to switch to online shopping. That said, to consume eco-responsibly, give up express shipments. Instead, opt for delivery times that last a little longer.

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