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Dina Boluarte appoints her Government in the midst of a strong wave of protests

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Dina Boluarte has appointed her first ministerial cabinet this Saturday. In the presidential palace of Peru, the president swore in her prime ministers, three days after ascending to the first magistracy after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo.

Seventeen people were sworn in for the positions, including nine men and eight women . The most important position is that of president of the Council of Ministers, or “premier” as it is known, and it fell to Pedro Miguel Angulo Arana . “Yes, I swear,” was all he said in front of the president. Angulo Arana is a lawyer by profession, historian and journalist. He was dean of the Lima Bar Association and Superior Prosecutor in the Public Ministry. He retired from the Public Ministry aftera complaint for sexual harassment of an assistant and a deputy prosecutor . They filed the complaint with the National Prosecutor and threatened to go to the media. To avoid scandal, Angulo resigned in 2011. In addition, he was a presidential candidate for the Contigo political party, of the former Peruanos Por el Kambio (PPK), the group that supported Pedro Pablo Zuczinski.

Boluarte appointed those who will occupy the portfolios of Foreign Affairs, Interior Affairs, Justice, Defense, Health, Education, Economy and Finance, Justice, Development and Social Inclusion, Culture, Environment, Women, Housing, Energy and Mines, Foreign Trade and Tourism, Production and Agricultural development and irrigation.

The ministerial cabinet of the first female president of Peru, whose mandate is to finish the presidential term until 2026, still does not have the heads of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Transportation. The latter is one of the most questioned during the Government of Pedro Castillo, where the fugitive Juan Silva was a minister. The Presidency of the Republic did not provide information in this regard, so it is expected that in the next few hours the names for these two positions will be known. The presidential activity was precise.One after another, the new ministers were sworn in to their respective posts in front of the president, who at the end of the protocol was photographed with those appointed. Then, together with the entire cabinet, Dina Boluarte gave a message to the nation stating that her work team will seek to give the country stability, and deal with economic and social challenges. “ We have worked hard to consolidate a national unity teamlet it be for all and all Peruvians. A government of dialogue, agreement, economic growth and social cohesion; understanding the right of citizens to mobilization, respecting human rights. The police are clear about these orders”. The president also said in a brief message that ” responsibility, peace, and tranquility is possible with everyone’s efforts,” and called for trust in the new “broad-based” government that she leads in order to get out of the political crisis. .

Meanwhile, in Peru street protests continue demanding early elections . Other groups, such as the San Marcos University Federation (FUSM), demand the closure of Congress and the convening of a constituent assembly. Public transport to the south of the country continues to be limited due to the demonstrations, and in cities like Andahuaylas there were clashes with the public force, which used tear gas. The General Command of the National Police of Peru suspended the permits and vacations of the officers , to fully respond to the protests.

The protests in different parts of the Andean nation have left at least four officers and eight civilians injured, in addition to a dozen detainees, as well as complaints of police excess, including the alleged use of metal pellets to repress protesters in the Plaza San Martin from the capital, Lima.

Boluarte has insisted on asking for calm through social networks. This Saturday morning she wrote on his Twitter account: “I call for calm and serenity. Dialogue and understanding is imperative”. In another message he added: “The National Police have informed me that last night there were 7 detainees, in addition to 4 civilians and 4 police officers injured in some protests. We guarantee the unrestricted compliance with human rights, ”wrote the president.

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