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Best Car Games: Immersive Experiences for Enthusiasts

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The list of the best PC machine games is long, but in this article we want to tell you about the 5 best: in the end, however, as always, it will be up to you to choose which title to start your gamer experience.

The 5 best car games

Is it your dream to skid on the track? Well, you are in good company: almost all driving enthusiasts dream of whizzing on racing cars at full speed. Many are satisfied with the best realistic gameplay on the market to let off steam without risk and with very low costs.

Obviously, it is possible to choose between fictional content and driving simulators, the latter especially suitable for those looking for an extremely realistic experience: remember, however, that modern online car games are so elaborate and complete that they require equally modern and performing devices to support them, be they computers or consoles.

But here you are in our list, drawn up using a random order, with more or less recent games but always devoted to the expression of the passion for 4 wheels.

Forza Horizon 4

Created by Xbox Game Studios, “Forza Horizon 4” is the worthy companion of “Forza Motorsport”, with realistic cars and beautiful environments to race in a fun but also challenging way, facing more and more races and increasing your special collection of automotive gems .

Dirt Rally 2.0

Successor of the famous “Dirt Rally”, “Dirty Rally 2.0” is another title to be played comfortably from home but capable of offering realistic and fun driving experiences . The second chapter of the Codemasters series is in fact considered among the best racing games for PC for those who prefer racing on Rally roads trying to break every record.

Split / Second: Velocity

“Split / Second: Velocity” was developed by Black Rock Studio: released in 2010, the game combines destruction, speed and competition . For over a decade, it has been among the best car games ever developed for PC and consoles: overtake your opponents by activating special traps and, as always, race more than others by unlocking new circuits and increasingly spectacular cars.

Need For Speed: Payback

The “Need for Speed” saga, which began in 1994, continues today with “Need For Speed: Payback”, one of the most beautiful and interesting titles in the series. The game, developed by Ghost Games and released by Electronic Arts, offers gamers an exciting driving simulation with the ability to overcome many challenges , all focused on the 10 gangs to defeat to become the best driver around.

Assetto Corsa Competition

Excellent for graphics and for the driving simulation experience, “Assetto Corsa Competizione” is a realistic title that also uses historical circuits such as the Italian tracks of Monza and Misano , as well as classics such as Zandvoort. Developed by Kunos Simulations, it has become the official Blancpain GT Series video game, guarantees an excellent simulation level and allows you to experience your career in the FIA ​​GT3 championship firsthand.

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