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Why play board games with your child?

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As a fan of board games, you have no doubts about the benefits of parent-child games… And if despite everything you are not convinced, the following article should help you understand the importance of these games that our offspring regularly demand!

1. Playing is living a moment of complicity

Playing is an ideal way to have a good time with your child. Who says game says good mood, enthusiasm, escape… Your child will take you with joy in his imaginary world. Only one piece of advice: let yourself be carried away!

2. Playing means integrating social rules

Having a game partner means being able to respect the other player and the set of rules that guarantee the smooth running of the activity.  

These social rules that seem natural to you, your child still has to learn them. Game after game, he will understand that he must respect his turn, be patient when the other player needs time to think, accept suggestions, tolerate defeat… These rules that make up the essence of the game are also essential to life in society; it is therefore better to integrate them gently during a fun activity…

3. Playing is learning to fight against others

Most board games involve competition. Whether you are for or against the spirit of competition, it is a reality of daily life. Some of us are very competitive, some less so, and still others run away when it comes to competing with anyone.

The game allows the child to acclimatize to the pressure that arises from competition and to use this kind of “excitement” as a positive energy to progress.

Of course, it will be necessary to ensure that the child does not try to defeat and crush his opponents at all costs. Competition is also synonymous with tolerance, sportsmanship, fair play, respect for others… so many values ​​that are essential to the development of a spirit that is both competitive and positive.

4. Playing is learning to challenge yourself

Confronting others is also confronting oneself, confronting failure, understanding one’s mistakes and re-rolling the dice!

We have all experienced this little twinge in the heart when going through the prison box… We have all been frustrated not to know the answer to a question… And yet we all continued to play.

As the saying goes: you can lose a battle without losing the war! Your child should be able to understand that losing one game does not mean losing them all. On the contrary, he must draw from it the knowledge necessary to improve his behavior and his future skills. 

5. Playing is learning to collaborate

Along with competitive games, there is a wide range of collaborative games. As their name suggests, these games assume that players unite around a common goal. This type of play is important for the child, because it obliges him to “forget himself” for the benefit of the group. The young person must put his ego in his pocket, listen to others, communicate with his teammates, seek solutions and conciliation in the event of conflict… He must also be able to give his opinion, develop his reasoning, convince his partners. Collaborative games are therefore a real gold mine and allow you to develop many very useful qualities.

6. Playing is learning while having fun

Some educational games are specially designed to develop this or that school learning (for example, calculation games and vocabulary games are very common). They are an excellent way to bring the child to work on a subject with pleasure. And it’s no secret: the child who takes pleasure in learning learns better since he is then more focused and involved.


The game is therefore a material to be favored among all! And if it is beneficial for the child, it is also beneficial for the older ones and even for the parents! It helps to strengthen the intergenerational link, to achieve social learning, to develop intellectual skills, to learn to trust and persevere… It is impossible to list the many benefits associated with playful activity!

A single watchword: don’t wait any longer to play with your child, don’t put off the game until tomorrow… Sit down close to him (away from the screens!) and watch him evolve while having fun. A few minutes a day is enough!

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