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15 Best Action TV Series of All Time

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Action TV shows weren’t very common until very recently. But with the advancement of technologies, both in terms of shooting action scenes and televisions, we started to see more and more action shows.

Now we have shows like Game of Thrones that really have standout action scenes. We’ve put together a list of the best action TV series ever made. You can watch some of these action TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

15. Lethal Weapon (2016-)

This action comedy-drama television series that first aired on Fox in September 2016 is a spinoff of the original film series starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. The series follows two cops, Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, the former with a family, and the latter killed his wife. Although Murtaugh is practical, Riggs isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to finish a job.

14. Jessica Jones (2015-)

This action-packed 2015 Netflix web series stars Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones, a former superhero who now runs a detective agency. She is an alcoholic, possesses superhuman strength, and suffers from PTSD. The series has been widely acclaimed for its dark stylization, portrayal of sexuality, and risky approach to dark subject matter in a superhero series.

13. Archer (2009-)

Created by Adam Reed, this animated action-comedy television series follows the exploits of a dysfunctional spy and seven of his colleagues. The show’s themes include referential and meta-humor, quick delivery of dialogue, and its visual style is drawn from mid-century comics. The show has always been widely acclaimed and has received 3 Emmy awards, 4 Critics’ Choice and 2 Golden Derby awards.

12. Cobra Kai (2018-)

This 2018 series is a spin-off of the Karate Kid film series that aired on YouTube Red. The plot of the television series takes place 34 years after the original film. The series follows the story of Johhny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. Lawrence seeks redemption, while Daniel is lost after the death of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi. Lawrence has opened a dojo where several students enroll and their lives intertwine with each other.

11. Legion (2017-)

Another television series based on the Marvel comics, Legion is based on mutant character David Haller from the Marvel Universe. He is schizophrenic and has been a patient in various psychiatric hospitals since birth. Series creator Noah Hawley wanted to use this condition to portray the series as the story of an unreliable narrator. The series has been widely praised by critics for its surreal and brilliant departure from traditional superhero tropes.

10. The Paper House (2017-)

This Spanish action / heist series created by Alex Pina is a story of a mysterious man named El Professor. He gathered eight people to carry out a robbery. Their plan is to break into the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros. The series was extremely well received and Netflix declared it to be the most-watched non-English series on its website.

9. Gotham (2014-)

Developed by Bruno Heller and based on the DC Comics of the Batman franchise, Gotham tells the story of James Gordon from the time he joined the Gotham City Police Department. The season was well-received, particularly the first season, with the consensus of critics being, “High production values, a talented cast, and an appealingly stylized take on the Batman mythos help Gotham overcome its sometimes familiar themes.”

8. NCIS (2003-)

Revolving around a team working for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the show, a JAG spin-off, first aired in 2003 and is currently in its 15th season. NCIS typically investigates cases involving the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Two spin-off series were developed from this show, namely NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

7. Into the Badlands (2015-)

This action television series tells the story of a warrior and a young boy who together embark on a journey through a perilous land to seek enlightenment. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the series sees civilization in ruins, with the new feudal society using extremely violent means to control what remains of the population. The series was highly praised for its detailed martial arts choreography.

6. Luke Cage (2016-)

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this action television series stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage, a former convict with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. Besides Colter, the series stars Mahershala Ali, Simone Missick and Theo Rossi. This gritty, action-packed series is a throwback to the now nearly extinct blaxploitation genre. It was highly praised by critics for its socially conscious storytelling and powerful performances.

5. Peaky Blinders (2013-)

Set in 1920s Birmingham, this action/crime drama series first aired on BBC Two on September 13, 2013. The series follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family, with Cillian Murphy playing the role of chief of the gang, Tommy Shelby. The series won BAFTA television awards for Best Director and Best Cinematography and was widely acclaimed by critics and audiences.

4. Daredevil (2015-)

Created by Drew Goddard for Netflix, this neo-noir action drama series stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, a lawyer by morning and a crime-fighting vigilante by night. Although Murdock is blind, his remaining senses are razor sharp and he is a skilled martial artist. Vincent D’Onofrio plays antagonist Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin) and his powerful performance is something to behold. The second season sees Daredevil team up with The Punisher.

3. Vikings (2013-)

This action/adventure TV show is based on the character of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse hero, who, although he started life as a farmer, grew into a fierce warrior. Inspired by the tales of early medieval Scandinavians, the series is critically acclaimed and boasts a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, the series is in its sixth season.

2. Punisher (2017-)

This gritty and violent action web series is the critically acclaimed debut portrayal of Frank Castle. Castle was a U.S. Marine Corp, who one day on leave and with his family witnessed the death of his wife and children in a shootout. This event drove him to fight crime the only way a soldier knows how – with violence. He kills without mercy but is an honest man at heart. Castle’s problematic character was perfectly portrayed by Jon Bernthal and is a must-have for any action junkie.

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Based on the book series by Geroge RR Martin called A Song of Ice And Fire, this series is the greatest television program of all time. The series has multiple storylines and a large ensemble cast. The first season premiered on HBO on April 7, 2011, and the eighth and final season will premiere in 2019. Much-loved and an integral part of current pop culture, this iconic television series will be remembered for centuries to come.

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